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Teachers can share audio notes, photos and videos directly from class.

With parents, and the rest of the family.

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Chat with other parents and teachers, in group or private mode.

And set filters to only listen to the important conversations.

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meets Simplicity

  • 'Skooly surprised me a lot: easy as Whatsapp, but much more useful.'
Education in the 21st Century:

No more fumbling to unlock your phone and find your notes app; is as easy as pulling down center,the keyboard, or glancing at your Apple Watch . Sheet is for the little things you never remember. 


Skooly works on all mobile formats: Android, iOS and Windows. And of course also web-based.

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Tap the app, connect with
teachers and other parents


Skooly has different Chat options:  group & individual mode.

But not only that: we introduce the new feature of topic related channels, which make the whole conversation structured. 

Also you can set filters to only listen to what you’re really interested in.

Share Moments

In Skooly teachers can share classroom moments directly with the parents: including pictures, video or audio notes. 

Students can create their own portfolio for sharing with their parents.


With Skooly you’re in full charge: set alarms and reminders according to your preferences to not miss anything about your child. 

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